Executive MS - Population Health Management

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Executive MS in Population Health Management

Health care is experiencing major changes as a result of significant financial pressures and health care reform. These changes have considerable implications for clinicians working in a variety of settings including: academic health centers, private practice, for-profit hospitals, retail clinics, federally qualified health centers, local and state health departments and school-based clinics. The changing health care landscape requires that clinicians stay abreast of these current and future trends, regardless of the settings in which they practice.  Population health management has quickly become the standard guiding the transformation of clinical practice to patient-centered systems delivering team-based, multi-disciplinary, quality-focused forms of care. As such, clinicians are required to obtain new skills and expertise to effectively implement the defined goals of population health: utilization of innovative information technology and behavioral management strategies to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient experience, while simultaneously reducing health care costs. 

The Executive Master's in Population Health Management has been designed for health care professionals with clinical backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and others to gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to provide high quality and cost-effective health care in a rapidly changing environment. Students of this program will master skills areas such as practice redesign, new incentive payment models, team-based models of care, electronic medical records (EMRs), quality improvement, identifying patient groups, service bundling, working with accountable care organizations, implementing health management approaches, and maximizing community assets.

The Executive Master's in Population Health Management is a 12-month program consists of four nine-week quarters and begins with a one-week intensive summer course on the campus of UMMC in Jackson. Each quarter will include an intensive three-day weekend on campus, in conjunction with online classes and web conferences. Participants will complete two courses per quarter, and the curriculum will culminate in a practical, real-world project to improve clinical practice.

This executive program offers:

  • Flexible, online classes that allow you to earn your master’s while working;
  • A cohort-based structure that fosters collaboration with other clinicians;
  • Course credit toward a PhD in Population Health Science;
  • Courses led by nationally-respected leaders in population health management;
  • A strong focus on applied learning, so you quickly put new principles into practice.