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Health Policy Fellowship - The Health Policy Fellowship is a partnership between the Center for Mississippi Health Policy and the John D. Bower School of Population Health (SOPH). It is designed to train students, residents, and faculty in the SOPH about health care policy and the legislative process as a means of preparing them to utilize this knowledge in future scholarship and practice to positively impact the health of populations.  

The fellowship is available to outstanding graduate students, residents, and faculty members in the SOPH who:

  1. express an interest in and commitment to using the fellowship experience to incorporate population health, health care, and health policy into their scholarship and/or practice and
  2. agree to participate in all components of the fellowship program.

The fellowship is a part-time, approximately 4-month experience conducted during the Mississippi legislative session. Fellows are selected in December of each year. Beginning in January, fellows work with and learn from Center for Mississippi Health Policy and SOPH experts, as well as, current and former leaders of Mississippi state agencies (e.g., Medicaid, Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi State Department of Health, Transportation, Housing), and state/local policymakers. Fellows participate in seminars on health care economics, health research, state budgets, priority issues in state/local health policy, and state-level health policy-making. Fellows track bills through the legislative session, research the bills, develop and present health policy information related to bills, and present their findings to the SOPH.

The 2023-2024 application is closed.

For more information on the SOPH Health Policy Fellowship program, please contact Dr. Fazlay Faruque by email at, or by phone (601) 984-4993.

 Robert Smith, MD Graduate Scholars Program - The Graduate Training and Education Center (Jackson Heart Study) at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC-GTEC) is committed to cultivating the next generation of scientists and innovators who will be equipped to contribute to the discovery of new knowledge and equally committed to the dissemination and application of this information to diverse stakeholder groups. 

The Robert Smith, MD Graduate Scholars, GTEC Cohort 3 and mentorship team.   The Robert Smith, MD Graduate Scholars, GTEC Cohort 3 and mentorship team.

The Robert Smith, MD Graduate Scholars Program is a two-year research mentoring and training program funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Designed for doctoral and health professional students who are considering careers in cardiovascular health sciences, the program allows students to observe and participate in the research process alongside mentors from leading research institutions.

Students enrolled in doctoral programs in the social sciences, health sciences, health professional programs, or STEM-related fields, or those interested in biomedical research should apply.       

                                      Applications are accepted every spring. Visit the UMMC-GTEC Home page to learn more. For more information on the GTEC program, please email or contact the program office by phone at (601) 815-9003.