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10k-project.jpgHave you ever donated blood? Perhaps you volunteered because you know donating blood can save lives. But did you know that thanks to a research initiative led by Mayo Clinic with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, your blood can now help many, many others?

By donating a small amount of your blood to UMMC, you can help further the research that could eventually make us all healthier. We are gathering blood samples and health information from thousands of Mississippians for use in the Biobank Mississippi biobank, and we hope you’ll consider letting us add yours to the many samples we have already collected.

What is a biobank?

Our biobank is a large collection of blood samples and health information. These samples are always there, ready for use by researchers at Mayo Clinic and UMMC, among others. When researchers perform studies, they can use the biobank samples in their work. The biobank saves them the time and effort of collecting their own samples, freeing them up to make research breakthroughs faster.

Who can participate?

  • Current or former patients at UMMC
  • 18 years or older
  • U.S. residents

What research project will my sample be used for?

Samples can be used for many different kinds of studies, but our biobank focuses mainly on research in a growing field of study called precision medicine. The goal of precision medicine is to develop medical treatment tailored to a person’s individual genetics, lifestyle and environment. It is a promising field that could lead to more targeted and effective medicines in the future.

I’m interested. How do I begin?

Joining Biobank Mississippi is a simple, four-step process:

  • Read and sign an informed consent document
  • Complete a health information questionnaire
  • Give permission to obtain information from your UMMC medical record
  • Visit a UMMC clinic location and provide a blood sample. You will not be charged.

When you have completed the process, you’ll receive a gift card as a token of thanks.

To learn more about the important contribution you can make by taking part in Biobank Mississippi, call (601) 815-3174; email or