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Educational Activities and Outreach


Core personnel instruct investigators, staff, and students from interested laboratories on the standard operating procedures for Core equipment and services. We train interested individuals on proper preparation and storage procedures for high-quality RNA and DNA samples and downstream uses. The core staff may also bring students, fellows, or other interested individuals into the core lab and teach them how to operate the analytical equipment.


The core plans to sponsor a work-in-progress and journal club series for investigators and trainees to present data, interact with mentors, and hear constructive critiques of projects. This seminar series will provide a forum in which the core director and/or staff will make presentations to educate participating investigators on the latest technologies and how to best use the core facilities for their research.

Poster presentations

UMMC hosts several research days each year, including Graduate Student Research Day, Department of Medicine Research Day and Neuroscience Research Day. We also attend several national or international symposia each year. The core uses these opportunities to promote its capabilities to attending faculty and staff through posters that highlight our technical expertise, equipment, analyses, and current projects.