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Molecular and Genomics Core Facility

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Molecular and Genomics Core

The function of the University of Mississippi Medical Center Molecular and Genomics Core Facility is to provide expertise to researchers at UMMC and across the region in fields of molecular and genomic technologies. 

Biomedical research has significantly advanced past the study of single genes or proteins in favor of systems biology approaches that can assist in unraveling the complex mechanisms and networks involved in biological processes or the pathogenesis of disease. The integration of datasets from multi-omics technologies (genomics and proteomics), along with phenotype data have become important to basic, pre-clinical and clinical research strategies. As the systems biology approach has become more feasible due to recent innovations that facilitate generation of large amount of information at reduced cost.  Most academic research environments have realized that technology is an important driver of innovation in research.

With this in mind, the MGCF is committed to:

  • helping investigators initiate as well as coordinate genetic/genomic based research initiatives across all university departments and centers;
  • provide timely, high quality data generation and analysis at a competitive cost;
  • and educate and train faculty and students in genetic technologies.


The UMMC Molecular and Genomics Core Facility will promote and facilitate faculty and student research in the field of molecular genetics. The Core will serve as a nucleus to develop research and educational programs aimed at increasing the competitiveness of molecular biology and genomic technologies at the university and across the state of Mississippi.