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The University of Mississippi Medical Center Molecular and Genomics Core is happy to answer any questions that investigators may have regarding the use of genomic technologies, genomic core capabilities, services, pricing, grant support, etc. All general inquiries can be made via email at


The core director is available for one-on-one consultations with prospective investigators to discuss how genomic technologies could enhance their research programs. At an initial meeting [in person conference call, or web-based (Web-EX, Skype, etc.], investigator interests and technical needs will be discussed as well as the technologies that could be utilized to test specific hypotheses. 

As needed, the core director will review relevant literature and a second meeting (or more) will be scheduled to refine research plans, establish specific aims, and plan experiments to be performed through each core. Additionally, if it is determined that investigator project would benefit from the inclusion of technologies offered from another core (e.g. Core B), a meeting could be arranged between all parties. 

Sample submission

Investigators who have established an experimental design and methodology after consultation with the core director or an experienced investigator can directly arrange for submission of samples, select specific services/technologies, and data analysis.