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Integrating systems to understand whole-body physiology

Controlled experiments confirm hypotheses: miniscule models of how some aspect of the body works. But changes in one system propagate to other systems, making it difficult to assess the importance of a mechanism to whole-body physiology. Mathematical models of confirmed hypotheses can be tied together to create integrative models of greater complexity in which effects propagate from system to system. This allows us to better understand how dysfunction in one system can lead to problems in other systems.

At the Center for Computational Medicine (CCM), we extend the mathematical models of the past to incorporate inter-individual differences to more fully specify the etiological basis of disease, to understand non-response to therapy, and to optimize patient treatment strategies.

The CCM focuses on the development of HumMod, the most comprehensive computer simulation of integrative physiology ever developed.  For educational use, HumMod can be downloaded at For commercial applications, contact HC Simulation, LLC at