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Center for Comparative Research

The Center for Comparative Research (CCR) operates as a research-support entity for the University of Mississippi Medical Center. This organization provides the management and resources to maintain full accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International. Efforts by the Center for Comparative Research are 100% service-based to UMMC animal-based research programs. Support functions include daily animal husbandry requirements, animal quarantine and conditioning programs, animal surgical and anesthetic support, laboratory animal veterinary medical care programs, and regulatory support (IACUCOLAW, USDA).


The CCR operates and maintains over 70,000 square feet of animal housing and support space. Primary facilities are located on the basement level of the Arthur C. Guyton Laboratory Research Complex, the 8th floor of the David S. Pankratz Building, and the Translational Research Building basement level.

Included in these environments are animal housing areas, animal husbandry support spaces and veterinary medical support facilities. Other specialized environments include neuroscience study areas, aquatic facilities, surgical modeling, and areas for biohazardous containment.