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Behavioral Response Team

What is a Behavioral Response Team (BRT)?

The BRT is a small rapid response team for behavioral emergencies. BRT will respond to all Code White, Panic Alarms, and perform detailed analysis and review of all ARMS reports to identify patients, visitors, or others that need BRT intervention.

THe BRT will work closely with Risk, Office of Patient Experience, and the Office of Wellbeing to ensure patients, visitors, staff, and students are provided all available resources and reduce workplace violence. BRT aims to implement a compassionate patient-centered response to behavioral incidents. Through empathy and community policing we will be able to better protect our fellow UMMC staff and visitors.

What are the goals of the BRT? 

To reduce the number of workplace violence incidents and injuries to patients and UMMC employees. To de-escalate situations that tend to get elevated with a large police and clinical response (code white/panic). Reduce the number of code whites and panic alarms, this will reduce UMMC and UMMC PD resource waste and reduce clinical/patrol burnout and staff shortages.

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