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Disruptive Behavior Prohibited at UMMC

Firearms and Weapons Policy

University of Mississippi Medical Center Drug-Free Workplace and Workforce

The Medical Center is required, as mandated by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, to maintain a drug-free workplace. Employees are the Medical Center's most valuable resource, and for that reason, their health and safety are of paramount concern. The Medical Center is committed to maintaining a safe, healthful, and efficient environment that enhances the welfare of our employees, students, patients, and visitors. The Medical Center's policy is to maintain an environment free of impairment related to substance abuse by any of its employees.

Our patients, their families, our students, and the Medical Center expect employees and students to arrive for work and education in a condition free of the influence of alcohol and drugs. Refrain from use, possession, or sale while on UMMC-owned or UMMC-leased properties. The use, sale, purchase, transfer, theft, or possession of an illegal drug violates the law. UMMC will refer to such illegal drug activities to law enforcement, licensing, and credentialing agencies when appropriate.

Employee Assistance Program

Employees - UMMC provides Humana EAP and Work-Life Services at no cost to you or members of your household. If you require additional counseling or services beyond established coverage by the Employee Assistance Program, there may be additional costs. Visit the Department of Human Resources intranet page here for contact information.

Students - Humana EAP and Work-Life Services is the student assistance program. These services are confidential, and there is no cost to UMMC students. Visit the Student Affairs intranet page here for contact information.

Tobacco Use Policy