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Off-Campus Partnerships

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is uniquely located adjacent to Jackson's Fondren neighborhood. UMMC PD understands that our UMMC community deserves a police department that recognizes off-campus crime can directly impact our students, staff, patients and visitors. As such, UMMC PD leadership actively participate in numerous local, state and regional groups and committees focused on providing timely and accurate intelligence sharing as a means to prevent crime affecting our campus.

Jackson Free Clinic
UMMC PD supports the mission of the Jackson Free Clinic by helping to provide a safe environment for the community to receive superior healthcare and students and staff to work and learn. UMMC PD collaborates with Jackson Police Department who has jurisdiction where the clinic is located.

Fondren Security and Police Networking
UMMC PD actively participates in this intelligence sharing group comprised of businesses, private security, local law enforcement and other concerned entities in the Fondren area adjacent to the UMMC campus. This allows UMMC PD to remain abreast of issues and concerns that may directly or indirectly affect our campus.

Jackson Metro Hospital Public Safety Consortium
UMMC PD is a member of the Jackson Metro Hospital Public Safety Consortium which consists of representatives from the different hospitals and medical centers in the local area who share intelligence and collaborate regarding identifying and addressing local crime trends.

Consortium of Universities in Mississippi
UMMC PD is a member of a consortium made up of law enforcement agencies at institutions of higher learning throughout the state. This group collaborates in ways to best serve the students, faculty and staff on their campuses and across the state.