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Specialty Pharmacy

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Medicines We Offer

We focus on medicines that treat these health conditions:

  • Adults with blood conditions (Hematology)
  • Adults with cancer (Oncology)
  • Adults with HIV and Hepatitis C (Infectious Diseases)
  • Adult joint and muscle conditions (Rheumatology)
  • Adults with lung conditions (Pulmonology)
  • Adults with skin conditions (Dermatology)
  • Adults with stomach conditions (Gastroenterology)
  • Children with hormonal conditions (Pediatric Endocrinology)
  • Children with brain conditions: (Pediatric Neurology)

Patient Management Program

UMMC Specialty Pharmacy has a Patient Management Program that helps our patients get the best outcomes from their medicine. Our pharmacist-led staff use a patient-centered and evidence-based approach to provide the highest quality care possible.

All patients that use UMMC Specialty Pharmacy are automatically enrolled in our Patient Management Program. As part of program services, one of our pharmacists completes an initial assessment with each patient to teach them how to take their medicine, discuss possible side effects, check for any interactions, and help resolve any patient concerns.

Patients with urgent questions about their medicines, diagnosis, or plan of care can contact one of our pharmacists by calling our call center number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

(601) 815-9250

In person support is also available during regular business hours.

Benefits of the Patient Management Program

  • Improved understanding of your medicines and how to use them
  • Improved ability to take your medicine correctly and on time
  • Dedicated resources to help handle possible medicine side effects
  • Improved confidence to play an active role in managing your own medicines and health

Patients can opt out of the Patient Management Program at any time by letting one of our program staff members know. Patients who opt out of this program can still receive their medicines from the JMM Pharmacy.

Financial Support

We know that specialty medicines can cost a lot, even with insurance. A program staff member will always tell you what your cost is before you receive medicine from UMMC Specialty Pharmacy. We can also tell you if it costs more to use our pharmacy because we are not in network with your insurance. If you cannot afford your medicines, we can find ways to help. We work with several programs that may be able to help pay for specialty medications. When asked, we will also provide you with the price of your medicine without using insurance.

Our program staff strive to find the most cost-efficient option for you. We bill your insurance for your medicine, and will let you know if insurance refuses to pay. If this happens, our staff can work with you to fix the issue. We can also tell you how much more it will cost to use a pharmacy that is not in network with your insurance.

Sometimes we may need to switch your brand-name medicine to a generic option to get insurance to pay, or to help save you money. Our program staff will let you know if we switch your medicine to the generic.

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