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Getting Your Medicine

New Prescriptions

When we start a new prescription for you, we work closely with your provider and insurance company to fill your prescription. Many of the medicines we handle require special approval from your insurance company. This can take several days. Once we get approval, we will get in touch with you and ask where to have your medicine delivered. At this time, you can also ask your pharmacist any questions you have about your medicines.

Pill bottles and pills.Getting More Medicine

We will contact you at least seven days before you run out of medicine to find out if you need more. We will ask you when you would like to receive your medicine, and make sure everything is going well with your treatment. You can also ask our pharmacist any questions you have about your medicine. We will make every effort to fill your prescriptions during the same day the prescription or refill request is received. However, patients should not expect anything submitted after 12:00 PM CST to be ready for pickup or shipment until the following business day at the earliest.

Getting Medicine Somewhere Else

If we need to transfer your prescription to another pharmacy, we will give the new pharmacy the information they need to handle your order. We will also give you the name and phone number of the new pharmacy. After that, we will keep track of your order until the new pharmacy takes over.

Finding Out When You Will Get Your Medicine

Any time you want to find out when you will get your medicine, call or send us a message in MyChart. You can also visit us in person at the Jackson Medical Mall Pharmacy. We will be happy to check on your order.

Shipping to Your Home

We will do our best to deliver your medicine somewhere convenient for you. If you would rather pick up your medicine, we can keep it for you at our Jackson Medical Mall Pharmacy.

Learning About Your Medicine

It is important for you to understand your illness and the medicines that treat it. We can help you find answers to
your questions.

  • Send a MyChart message to your program pharmacist or technician
  • Schedule an appointment for an in-clinic visit with one of our program staff members
  • Contact our call center at (601) 815-9250