Advanced General Dentistry

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General Practice Residency

This program is designed to provide each resident exposure to a variety of comprehensive and episodic care encounters within the framework of a group practice situation. The emphasis is placed on comprehensive care. It is anticipated that the residents will avail themselves to the immediate access readily offered by the generalist and specialist faculty.

Practice management techniques will be encouraged in this program. Each resident will actively participate in the management of their patients, the auxiliaries, and their laboratory interactions. Monthly reports based on production will be provided and evaluated by the faculty with the resident.

The faculty monitors the progress of each of the residents through the approval of treatment plans, laboratory cases, record audits, and evaluation of monthly printouts showing quantity and types of procedures performed.

The majority of dental care is rendered in the School of Dentistry Residency Clinic and Jackson Medical Mall Dental Clinic. Occasional emergent dental care is rendered in the University Hospital Emergency Room.

The GPR resident will receive additional hospital exposure through participation in Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, and Emergency Medicine rotations in combination with outpatient operating room dental experience at University Hospital's surgical suites. These exposures should augment the resident's ability to interact with other health care professionals when coordinating patient care.

Program goals

Graduates of this program will have advanced knowledge in diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial diseases and advanced clinical skills in providing care for their patients.

In completing this program, the graduate will be able to interact with a variety of health care professionals in many health care settings and understand the role each profession plays in the overall treatment of patients, and to coordinate patient treatment.

Graduates of this program will be able to treat a wide variety of routine and complex dental patients with broader knowledge, confidence, and increased skills.

At the completion of this program, the graduate will be more confident in treating mentally and medically compromised patients in the hospital setting. All graduates of this program will have the experience and knowledge to join a hospital staff.