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Our Strategic Framework


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) adopts a strategic framework that complements priorities of the University of Mississippi Medical Center including its overall goal of achieving a healthier Mississippi. Over the last four years, ODI has strengthened its "inclusive excellence" portfolio by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across each mission area - education, health care, and research. Inclusive excellence is an active, on-going, and systemic process through which UMMC will achieve diversity, inclusion, and equity through learning, teaching, development, health care, institutional performance, and engagement at all levels - internally and externally.

ODI continues to offer impactful and eye-opening professional development for learners, staff, and faculty. As UMMC strives for cultural proficiency, ODI remains committed to improving cultural competence at all levels. Our team regularly conducts workshops on unconscious bias, diversity and sensitivity, and inclusive practices.

Accountability is critical to attaining success. Visual interpretations, research and data are used for benchmarking and to provide direction to our constituents. Our involvement in process and policy intervention helps to achieve goals, create change, and reduce risks. It is an honor for ODI to reward those who join us on this perpetual journey of shaping the organization's culture.

We seek to build upon our current successes of developing a prepared workforce. ODI fully supports ongoing efforts to ensure quality, fairness, and best practices to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at UMMC.