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2023 Program Summary

Below is a graph demonstrating knowledge gained by learners in the 2023 Cohort of Champions by program topic. The top three topics in which learners have increased their knowledge include: Impostor Syndrome (76%), Change Management (75%), and LGBTQ Issues (57%).

Horizontal bar graph of 2023 ODI Champions Cohort Five pre and post assessment results. Go to the image long description for details.

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Personal testimonials

  • "Until this course, you may not realize some things people do that are considered biased or discriminatory. I learned a lot from this class."
  • "This course was very valuable. While most topics were not new to me, many things were presented that I feel broadened my knowledge base and motivated me to see some things and biases that I may not have known were present within me."
  • "I really appreciate the time and effort that was taken to put these modules together. I have a greater knowledge of DEI efforts in the workplace and can confidently share with others what I have added to my toolbox."
  • "Being a part of this D&I program has allowed me to learn more about myself and how to be a better person for others (in my personal & workplace)."
  • "Learning to learn together" will stick with me! This course solidified some of what I knew, but there's so much that I did not. I am extremely excited to put my new, inclusive skills to the test in creating a Healthier Mississippi."
  • "This course helped me understand multiple facets of diversity and inclusion that I had not considered previously. After completing this course, I feel much more prepared to promote inclusion at my institution actively."
  • "I appreciated the wide range of topics covered in the modules that built upon the basics that most leaders should already understand. I am thankful that DEI is a priority for UMMC, and we are pushing the envelope in MS."