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2021 Program Summary

Below is a graph demonstrating knowledge gained by learners in the 2021 Cohort of Champions by program topic. The top three topics in which learners have increased their knowledge include: Change Management (94%), Imposter Syndrome (94%), and LGBTQ Issues (57%).

Bar graph of Cohort III 2021 ODI Champions by Perception of Knowledge. Go to the image description page for details.

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Personal testimonials

  • "I believe that making people feel included helps them to perform their job to the best of their ability. It also gives a sense of pride and belonging. When someone feels like he or she is valued, he will work harder and do his best because he feels worthy of praise and recognition."
  • "Having more effective communication throughout the organization about acknowledging biases when they are observed to not let individuals think their words/actions are tolerated. Also, teaching/learning customer service skills and those skills apply to everyone you come in contact with daily (co-workers, patients, outside vendors)."
  • "Newly trained change agents, those who have participated in diversity and inclusion training, need the support and commitment of their leaders to share their knowledge. Lack of commitment may hinder the change agent's motivation to use and share new knowledge."