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Periodontics and Preventive Sciences


Prevention D609
Description: This course is given to first year students and is presented by faculty in wide-ranging disciplines and specialties. It consider factors that contribute to whole body and oral health, how health can be lost, and health maintenance. Prevention of disease is stressed. (34 clock hours. Fall and Spring semesters)

Periodontal Diseases 610-1
Description: This course is taken at the beginning of the second year and deals with the underlying biology and evidence-based principles of periodontal health, disease development and progression, and of disease management. Fall semester (24 clock hours.)

Periodontal Diseases 610-2
Description: This course is also given in the second year and follows 610-1. The course considers periodontal examination, diagnosis, treatment planning and non-surgical therapy. Evidence-based critical thinking is emphasized and most topics are covered via case presentation. Fall semester (24 clock hours.)

Periodontal Diseases 610-3
Description: This course is given at the beginning of the third year and is a continuum of 610-2. Students are introduced to concepts and decision-making required for management of complex periodontal conditions. A variety of non-surgical and surgical concepts are taught and then practiced in the Simulation Laboratory prior to treating patients with moderate to advanced conditions, including those with surgical needs for health return, regeneration, improved function or for cosmetic purposes. Fall Semester (48 clock hours.)