TN Visas

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Extension of Status

Canadians and Mexicans currently in TN status can choose from two options to extend their stay in the United States:

  • Return to the border and re-apply at the port of entry. The TN employee should present the same documentation required for initial TN employment and follow the same procedure for admission.
  • Request that the employer file Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on his/her behalf. This option may be used when the TN employee doesn’t want to travel or doesn’t feel that reapplying for TN status at a port of entry would be economically feasible. Documentation required for this process includes the following:
  • A completed Form I-129 and filing fee of $460.
  • An updated letter from the employer. The same information that was provided in the initial TN employment letter should be included except for the revised period of employment.
  • All documentation that was required for the initial period of employment.
  • Photocopy of current Form I-94 (front and back) to verify current TN status.

If a TN employee at UMMC chooses the second option for an extension of stay, the Office of International Services will be responsible for completing the Form I-129 and submitting it along with the required documentation to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for processing.