J-1 Exchange Visitors

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Transferring to UMMC

J-1 scholars who are participating in an exchange visitor program at another institution can request to have their programs transferred to UMMC. This will entail having the exchange visitor's international student advisor transfer his/her SEVIS record. A new Form DS-2019 cannot be issued and the exchange visitor cannot begin his/her program at UMMC until the SEVIS record has been transferred from the current institution. Following are the steps for the transfer process:

  • The UMMC department that plans to sponsor the transferring exchange visitor will complete an Application for J-1 Exchange Visitor and will forward a J-1 Exchange Visitor Information Form and a J-1 Exchange Visitor Transfer-In Request to the exchange visitor for completion.
  • The exchange visitor will complete Section 1 of the Transfer-In Request and have his/her international scholar advisor at the current institution complete Section 2. The exchange visitor should return the completed information form and transfer-in request to his/her sponsoring department at UMMC.
  • The sponsoring department will forward the application, the information form, and the request to IS.
  • IS will await the transfer of the exchange visitor's SEVIS record from the current institution. After the record has been transferred, the Responsible Officer will generate a new Form DS-2019 to include all of the information applicable to the exchange visitor's program at UMMC.
  • The exchange visitor should meet with an IS representative no later than the third day after the start date of his/her J-1 program, to provide:
    • Copies of his/her Form DS-2019, passport, visa stamp, and Form I-94;
    • Evidence of health and repatriation/medical evacuation insurance coverage;
    • A physical address to be used to validate the exchange visitor's program.