J-1 Exchange Visitors

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Transferring from UMMC

A UMMC exchange visitor’s program (SEVIS record) can be transferred to another institution if the EV intends to continue to pursue the same program objective he/she has been pursuing at UMMC. For example, exchange visitors participating in research programs will need to continue to conduct research in the same area or field as reflected on the current Form DS-2019. Following are the steps necessary for arranging a “transfer out”:

  • The exchange visitor must inform his/her sponsor of the intention to transfer and then meet with an OIS representative to make arrangements for the transfer.
  • The OIS confirms that the J-1 sponsor is aware of the transfer and ensures that the transfer is consistent with the goals of the exchange visitor’s program.
  • The exchange visitor completes a UMMC Transfer-Out Request Form, obtains all required signatures, and returns it to the OIS.
  • The OIS at UMMC communicates with the receiving institution and agrees upon an effective date of program transfer.
  • The OIS accesses the exchange visitor’s record in the Student and Exchange Information System and transfers the record to the receiving institution.
  • On the effective date of transfer, the receiving institution will have access to the exchange visitor’s transferred record and will be able to issue a new Form DS-2019.

In order to continue in valid status, it is important that the exchange visitor maintain ties with the program at UMMC until the effective date of transfer.