J-1 Exchange Visitors

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Funding Requirements

All exchange visitors must have sufficient funding during the entire period of their participation in UMMC's exchange visitor program. The minimum monthly funding requirements are: $1,500 for the J-1 + $500 for a J-2 spouse + $334 for each J-2 child.


How to Calculate

Funding Source/ Examples

Documents to Verify 

Program Sponsor Funds

For Salary: Calculate based on length of appointment.

UMMC salary, grant, honorarium, or per diem.

Appointment letter (amount, dates, percentage, authorized signature)

Other Organization Funds

Calculate based on the length of the program.


Only include funding for living expenses (do not include funding for travel or health insurance).

Home university salary, stipend, or paid sabbatical leave

Scholarships & Fellowships

Official award letter (amount of funding, dates of funding, signature, any additional details of agreement)

Personal Funds

Use minimum monthly requirement regardless of bank statement amount: Scholar is $1500 + $500 spouse + $334 per child.


Sponsor (family member)

Personal Bank account/letter (with bank logo or letterhead)

All funding documents must be:

  • Dated within the past 6 months
  • Converted to U.S. dollars using an online currency converter (attach a printout showing both currency values) IF the amount is not already converted to U.S. dollars in the original document.
  • Translated into English (include both the original language funding document and the translation).