J-1 Exchange Visitors

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Funding Requirements

All exchange visitors must have sufficient funding during the entire period of their participation in UMMC’s exchange visitor program. Sources of funding may come from the department sponsoring the exchange visitor or from outside sources such as the exchange visitor’s employer or government.

If funding comes from an outside source, the exchange visitor must provide an official letter from the agency providing the funding identifying the amount (in U.S. dollars) provided for living expenses (exclusive of insurance, travel expenses, etc.) and the period of time covered. An exchange visitor’s personal funds can be used to supplement other funding but should not be the sole means of support.

The minimum amount of funding for living expenses for research scholars and their dependents should comply with the following:

  • J-1 scholar – $18,000/yr.
  • J-2 spouse – additional $6,000/yr.
  • J-2 child - additional $4,000/yr.