Advocacy a priority for dentistry Alumnus of the Year

    Advocacy a priority for dentistry Alumnus of the Year

    In 1986, when Mark Donald was a sophomore in dental school, the Mississippi legislature was considering a proposal to close the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. Unwilling to uproot his family to continue his dental education in a neighboring state, Donald did the only thing he knew to do:  he took a week off from school, donned his white coat, and walked the halls of the capitol building, talking to any legislators he could find.For many reasons, and as the result of combined...


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  • School of Dentistry

    The School of Dentistry is one of six health professional schools at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. One of the nation's youngest schools, the school admitted its first class in 1975.

    Dentistry remains one of the most respected professions, and young men and women are seeking to enter dental schools in increasing numbers each year. Our student body represents an accomplished and diverse group of talented individuals from cities, towns and communities throughout this state.

    The School of Dentistry represents a leading site for the delivery of state-of-the-art dental care in Mississippi. Excellent oral health care is provided by student doctors in the school, by resident doctors in the school, University Hospital and Medical Mall, and by our full-time faculty in the school's faculty practice suite.

    This website contains information on each of our educational programs, on our programs for patient care including faculty practice, and on the research that is currently being conducted by our faculty. We hope you will find the information you need somewhere on this site. If not, please feel free to call (601) 984-6155, and we will identify the appropriate staff member to assist you. The faculty, staff, residents and students at the School of Dentistry remain true to our mission and dedicated to meeting the oral and maxillofacial health needs of Mississippi.