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History of Rowland Medical Library

Peter Whitman Rowland
Peter Whitman Rowland, M.D.

Rowland Medical Library is named in honor of Dr. Peter Rowland, a former professor of pharmacology, who was primarily responsible for its establishment. Located on the second and third floors of the Verner Smith Holmes Learning Resource Center, the building is connected to the UMMC complex by covered and enclosed walkways. Occupied since July 1982, the library provides seating for over 500 patrons with group and individual study areas, tables and chairs. The first floor houses a classroom for library-led classes, and the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) with four Media:Scape units and booth seating for group study.

Rowland houses an Archives division on the library’s second floor equipped for the preservation and restoration of documents, monographs, photos, films and other formats. The Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of Academic Affairs also house materials related to the Medical Center in the Archives.

An off-site facility of 9,000 square feet stores pre-1990 publications, and materials are retrieved when requested.