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Print From Laptop or Mac

Now you can print to the Pharos Print Cloud. Pharos printers are located in the Rowland Medical Library's Collaborative Learning Center and reference area of the library.

If you want to print from your laptop, you must first: Install the printer drivers.

Instructions are below, but first look through these questions and answers.

Where can I print?
Currently, you will be able to print to the Pharos Print Cloud and release your print jobs at any of these Pharos print stations:

  • Rowland Medical Library Collaborative Learning Center
  • Reference area of the library
  • Classroom Wing - second floor
  • School of Medicine
  • Student Lounge

How do I print?
You must name your document before you send it to the printer. Select the Wireless Cloud as the printer.

How do I release it?
You can release a print job by swiping your ID badge at one of the Pharos printers.

How long do I have to print?
You must print within 30 minutes of sending it to the printer. After 30 minutes, your documents will be deleted from the queue.

Can I print on two sides (duplex)?
Yes, but it will charge you for each side. If you need help with a library printer, see someone in Circulation.

Can I only print or can I also make copies?

Yes, you can print and make copies on the printers in the Collaborative Learning Center, the reference area and the School of Medicine. Make sure you log off after you make copies, so someone else will not make copies using your account. The printers in the Student Lounge and Classroom Wing will only print.

How do I pay for this?
All full-time students will be credited $50 for the year to pay for printing and copies (on the specified copier/printers). Each page costs 10 cents. Once you use the $50 allotted to you, more copies can be added by paying funds at the Circulation Desk in the library.

What if the $50 is not showing up on my account at the beginning of the academic year?
If you scanned your ID and printed in the previous academic year, you will see a left over balance from last year. Go to Circulation and ask them to set your balance to $50.

If you held a job at UMMC over the summer, your $50 may not automatically be reflected on your account. Please see Circulation.

Help! I'm locked out.
If you are locked out, contact the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145. ONLY DIS can help unlock your account. The library can no longer unlock accounts.

Printer problems? 
All printer problems need to be brought to the attention of the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145. Library staff at the Circulation Desk may be able to assist with printers in the library. If they cannot solve the problem, they will help find assistance for you.

To print from a laptop, install printer drivers so your laptop can send documents.

Click on the links below to install the drivers.

Click on the links below for instructions to install the printer drivers.

You must be successfully connected through UConnect Wi-Fi and have the printer driver installed in order to print from your laptop or Mac.

If you have any problems, contact the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145.