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Curriculum and Graduation Requirements

The MS in Biomedical Sciences (MS-BMS) program requires successful completion of at least 30 credit hours, typically completed in two semesters. To be eligible for graduation, students must earn at least a 2.8 GPA or 75% weighted numerical average on all coursework in the program.

The 32 credit hour plan of study outlined in the table below is recommended for those students with a goal to pursue dental or medical school following the completion of this degree program. 

For students interested in additional study in a particular discipline, elective courses may be substituted or added to the plan below. Students should consult Dr. Hanna Broome, director of the MS-Biomedical Sciences program for alternative study plans. For more detailed information about the program requirements and course options, consult the Graduate section in the current UMMC Bulletin (PDF).

The M.S. Biomedical Sciences program has partnered with Kaplan® to integrate comprehensive MCAT®,  GRE®, or DAT® prep throughout our curriculum, according to each student’s choice. Most post-baccalaureate programs do not offer standardized test preparation as part of their program, or if they do, it is saved for the end of the program. We believe that students should be equipped with effective and efficient strategies to help them be successful in our program, on exam day, and in their future professional school studies. The integrated standardized test preparation portion of our program was designed in partnership with Kaplan’s team of experts to help students gain comprehensive content knowledge as well as test-taking strategies -  throughout the program to avoid cramming information at the end. In addition to weaving test content throughout the program, students also gain access to study materials and resources - providing them with the tools they need to increase their test scores to support their admissions and career goals. 

 Pre-dental and pre-medical plan of study:


Course Number

Course Name

Credit hours


CMB 704

Fundamental Biochemistry


ID 767

Fundamental Histology & Cell Biology



Fundamental Physiology


ID 727

Professional Development for Biomedical Careers (Pass/Fail)




Fundamental Microbiology & Immunology



Fundamental Pharmacology


ID 768

Essential Anatomy


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