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MS - Biomedical Sciences

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Plan of Study

The MS in Biomedical Sciences (MS/BMS) program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond a BS or BA degree. A typical course of study for students interested in professional or graduate school is shown below.

Example: Biomedical Sciences Track

Fall semester
BIOCH 704Fundamental Biochemistry7 hrs
PHYSIO 725Fundamental Physiology8 hrs
ID 727Current Issues in Biomedical Research1 hr
Spring semester
MICRO 741Fundamental Microbiology6 hrs
PHARM 726Fundamental Pharmacology6 hrs
ID 768Essentials of Anatomy2 hrs
ID 767Fundamental Histology & Cell Biology2 hrs

For students wishing additional study in a particular discipline, elective courses may be substituted in place of non-core courses. Students should consult the director of the relevant graduate program and the Director of the MS-Biomedical Sciences program for alternative study plans.