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Program Cost of Attendance and Tuition


Tuition rates and estimated costs of attendance are subject to change each academic year. For current tables, visit the estimated cost of attendance and tuition page in the Student Financial Aid site.

The current tuition rate for Mississippi residents* who are enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences is less than $4,500 per 9 hours in a semester, with no additional charge for >9 hrs taken in that semester. The typical plan of study for the MS-BMS program consists of 32 hours taken over the course of two semesters. Therefore, total tuition for the typical student is less than $9000 - which is less than $285/credit hour.

*Non-resident tuition is less than $13,000 per semester.

Additional costs of attendance 

Students will be charged a $1000 Professional Development fee. 

The cost of books, technology applications, and lab attire is estimated to be $700 for the entire degree program.

In addition, all students are required to have a compliant laptop computer. Click here to view the "minimum system requirements" for PC and Mac (located at the top of the webpage). The average cost for a new laptop computer that meets the requirements for UMMC students is $800. 

Financial aid

Stipends are not available for students enrolled in the masters of science programs in the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. However, financial aid is available for full-time students in good academic standing. For information on the availability of financial aid and application procedures, contact or call (601) 984-1117.

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