MD-PhD Dual Degree Program

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MD-PhD Program Timeline


The MD-PhD program is a 3/3/1 pathway (3 years medical school, 3 years graduate school and the last year in medical school). 

MD-PhD students are required to complete lab during the summer semesters prior to their first (M1) and second (M2) years of medical school.  MD-PhD students will take the USMLE Step 1 exam during the summer following M2 year and the USMLE Step 2 exam following M3 year.

MD-PhD students usually select their graduate (PhD) program during the third (M3) year of medical school, after which the student identifies a graduate faculty member as their research mentor and begins to fulfill specific requirements of that PhD program. During the graduate school years (G1-G3), MD-PhD students take graduate school coursework, complete their PhD qualifying exam, conduct research, and write manuscripts for publication. In addition, students maintain their clinical skills during G1-G3 years with regular hours spent under the mentorship of a clinical faculty member. MD-PhD students complete all PhD degree requirements by the end of their G3 year.

Students advance into their fourth (M4) year of medical school following the completion of all PhD degree requirements. During M4 year, students will apply to and interview for residency positions. Following residency match in March of M4 year, students graduate in May with both the MD and PhD degrees.