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State Medical Response System

smrs---overview.pngThe University of Mississippi Medical Center is a partner with the Mississippi State Department of Health to coordinate the State Medical Response System (SMRS). The SMRS falls under ESF-8 (Public Health and Medical Services), which is activated during a declared disaster by the Mississippi governor.

The SMRS has two field hospitals with each having a build-out capacity of providing a 50-bed facility, or can be combined to provide a single facility of over 100 beds during disaster events.

smrs---logo.jpgUMMC is a co-primary response agency under ESF-8. During declared state disasters, UMMC will:

  • provide medical care personnel when available and coordinate staffing from other healthcare facilities;
  • coordinate donated medical supplies and pharmaceuticals;
  • provide medical control for emergency medical services when operating outside their normal response area when evacuating patients;
  • Mississippi MED-COM will assist with patient movements and bed status reporting;
  • UMMC will coordinate patient care for in-hospital, nursing home and other patient care needs and facilitate requests to assist with patient care where needed;
  • Mississippi MED-COM will coordinate mobile resources once deployed by MSDH.

If you would like to join our disaster response teams, visit: