MED-COM Operations

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Regional EMS Coordination Center

Regional hospital diversion status

MED-COM provides real-time diversion updates via radio and blast fax to area emergency departments/EMS agencies three times a day.

Providing real-time traffic conditions to EMS agencies

medcom-mdot-logo.jpgIn January 2009, the Mississippi Department of Transportation and Mississippi MED-COM began the first of the kind interagency operation that integrated the Traffic Management Center's network of traffic cameras throughout the state with Mississippi MED-COM allowing MED-COM personnel to view real-time digital images. These images allow MED-COM personnel to communicate real time traffic information from major intersections statewide to emergency crews responding to an accident or transporting an emergency patient to a tertiary care hospital.

MED-COM can monitor over 130 real time traffic cameras from across Mississippi and assist ambulances transporting critical patients negotiate congested traffic areas or assist in locating an accident.

This project was awarded the top Traffic Innovation in the nation at the national meeting in Washington, DC, in June 2009.

Communication of multi-casualty incidents to hospitals in the Jackson metro area

Mississippi MED-COM provides real-time updates from field commanders to Jackson area hospitals during times of disasters, multi-patient incidents or other emergencies.

Assisting scene and incident commanders in location and destination decisions of patients involved in HAZMAT, MCI or other multiple patient scenes throughout Mississippi

Mississippi MED-COM can provide real-time updates on bed availability and resource availability to incident commanders in the field managing a multi-patient incident.

Assisting paramedics in contacting a Med-Control physician via radio/phone

The University of Mississippi Medical Center provides on-line and off-line medical control to paramedics from all across Mississippi. MED-COM is capable of assisting paramedics in contacting physicians through many different avenues available.

Provide medical and logistical support of area fire departments and EMS agencies

Patching radio frequencies between agencies at the request of both agencies in mutual aid events.

Provide communication support to area agencies as requested

Mississippi MED-COM can cross communicate with agencies and provide radio communications interoperability with most agencies in the Jackson Metro area and those agencies operating on the Mississippi State 700Mhz digital radio frequency.