Emergency Management

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Emergency Management

The Emergency Operations Plan uses an all-hazards approach to take responsible steps for providing a healthy, safe and secure environment for all members of the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus community. The purpose of this plan is to improve the capability of UMMC during emergencies and to guide the incident management efforts; from detection, mitigation, planning and preparation through response and recovery.

For more information, call Emergency Management at (601) 815-2665.

EOP purpose

The UMMC EOP is an all-hazards plan that outlines procedures for preparing for, responding to and recovering from possible hazards faced by the organization. Coordination of planning and response with other health care organizations, public health and local emergency management are emphasized in the plan. The plan also addresses proper plan maintenance, communications, resource and asset management, patient care, continuity of operations, management of staff, evacuation and contingency planning for utilities failure.

  • Authority to activate EOP with Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs or designee.
  • All response activities follow the National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines.
  • Incident Specific Annexes can be implemented in the event of a wide variety of possible disasters.
  • UMMC EOP will undergo a yearly review process to ensure any plan deficiencies are identified and addressed.