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MED-COM Communications

MED-COM-Communications.jpgMississippi MED-COM is the emergency communications for the University of Mississippi Medical Center and for hospitals and emergency providers throughout Mississippi. Mississippi MED-COM averages 20,000 calls for assistance a month and provides a single point of contact for almost 1,000 emergency transfers into the University of Mississippi Medical center and other tertiary care facilities in Mississippi and neighboring states.

Mississippi MED-COM has strategically placed emergency direct dial phones across the state in hospitals and dispatch centers for use with day-to-day operations as well as for disaster support situations. By incorporating this "disaster system" into day-to-day operations, the users are familiar with the system to facilitate its use during such disasters.

Additionally the MED-COM center monitors radio frequencies for fire departments and law enforcement agencies in the regional area around University of Mississippi Medical Center. This enables the first responders to have ready access to UMHC's AirCare, and also enables the MED-COM center to provide early notification to the adult and pediatric emergency departments. This allows for better continuity of care and assurance that the patients get directed to the services and hospitals that can manage their injuries in a quicker, more efficient manner.

Mississippi MED-COM is one of the first users operating on the Mississippi Wireless Information Network (MSWIN) radio system. MSWIN is for use by state and public safety agencies in emergencies such as natural disasters, the new mission-critical voice and data system will provide seamless interoperable emergency communications coverage throughout the state. MSWIN will utilize the robust 700 MHz dedicated public safety network. Mississippi MED-COM is working to ensure that all public safety providers have access to MED-COM and the resources and support we provide to the public safety community as they treat and care for patients throughout Mississippi.

Mississippi MED-COM is also equipped with such resources as the Mississippi Hospital Associations satellite radio system, the National Warning System (NAWAS), as well as multiple redundancies for many of our systems.

Lastly, MED-COM answers radio reports for an average of 50 inbound ambulances per day and is the communication center for one of the busiest medical heliports in the southeast United States.