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External Sponsorship Guidelines

The primary mission of the University of Mississippi Medical Center is to improve the lives of Mississippians by providing exceptional patient care, training the next generation of health care providers and engaging in innovative research.

UMMC is best positioned as a recipient of sponsorships, donations and other gifts that help further this mission. As such, UMMC funds should not be used to sponsor outside organizations in the form of fundraisers, awards and other events or activities that do not provide a direct financial benefit to UMMC. For the same reasons, any of the limited fundraising and sponsorship activity undertaken by UMMC must directly benefit UMMC or its formal supporting organizations that directly benefit UMMC (e.g., UMMC Alliance, Friends of Children’s Hospital).

Like the external organizations who request financial support from UMMC, we are committed to supporting the community, and we do so every day by carrying out our overall mission to foster a healthier Mississippi. We can best advance that mission by being good stewards of our limited resources and investing them in UMMC’s mission areas and its workforce.