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Planning Process

In 2013, UMMC leadership established the Office of Governance and Strategic Planning (OG&SP). The office is responsible for the coordination and preparation of the institutional strategic plan, planning processes and organizational performance improvement through alignment of strategic priorities and initiatives. In the fall of 2013, the office began creating the first comprehensive, multi-year strategic plan for the institution.

The OG&SP established a Strategic Planning Steering Committee and a Strategic Planning Core Team to help guide the process. The Steering Committee was charged with developing the strategic plan, bearing the responsibility for reviewing analytics, debating and confirming strategic options, ensuring coordination between the UMMC strategic plan and related initiatives, and recommending adoption of the final strategy. The Core Team was a subset of the Steering Committee and was responsible for previewing and refining Steering Committee documents, coordinating logistics and further ensuring coordination of the strategic plan with related planning activities.

At the outset of the process, the Steering Committee developed a comprehensive four-phase planning process, which is shown in the graphic below.