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UMMC Sponsorship Guidelines

UMMC has a mission to support the health of the communities we serve. Every year, the University of Mississippi Medical Center receives many requests for support from various community groups and organizations. The challenge is how to balance what we already contribute to the state and the local community as an academic medical center with our obligations as one of the area's largest businesses and employers.

Sponsorships must align with our mission, vision, values and strategic priorities. Sponsorships should have a link to community health improvement or disease prevention. In evaluating sponsorship opportunities, priority will be given to organizations/agencies that are aligned with the areas listed below.

Sponsorship and event participation criteria

Consideration for sponsorships and/or event participation will be dependent on the following criteria:

  • Activities that specifically support our mission to improve the health and well-being of Mississippians and UMMC's strategic goals;
  • Fundraising activities for organizations that have close relationships with UMMC's core clinical, research and education missions;
  • Requests that provide positive public awareness of the health system's services;
  • Activities that address key population health improvement initiatives; and
  • Activities that promote public awareness of UMMC's missions.

Preference will be given to those requests that satisfy the following:

Brand awareness: The event promotes brand awareness and/or health education messages to target audience(s)

Value: The event/activity provides good promotional value for the dollars invested.

Geographic reach/size of audience: The event/activity reaches a desirable target audience in our service area(s), such as consumers, physicians, potential donors, community and government leaders. The larger the target audience reached with a given investment, the better value provided.

Community benefit: Participation in the event will be a positive influence on communities and/or community members.

It is against our policy to provide monetary support for the following requests:

  • Capital campaigns
  • Personal fundraising efforts, including for individual patient needs
  • Individuals for participation in trips, tours, workshops, contests, competitions, etc.
  • Individual teams or groups (e.g. travel team, school band), entire leagues, schools or associations
  • Political campaigns, candidates, parties or partisan activities
  • Fraternal, church or labor groups
  • Family foundations

Review and approval process

  • All organizations must complete the online request form below.
  • Multiple requests may be submitted one at a time via the request form.
  • Requests should be submitted at least three months in advance of the event or program.
  • Requests that are received less than three months in advance of the deadline for making a decision risk being excluded from consideration.
  • Please note this application is not for grant requests.
  • Please note this application is not for advertising requests.
  • Questions about our sponsorship process and criteria may be directed to the Office of Development, (601) 984-2300, or email.

Click here to submit a UMMC sponsorship request.

We are appreciative to receive numerous sponsorship requests every year. However, please be advised that we are unable to fulfill every request, even if the organization meets all above criteria.