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Annual Report 2021-2022

Annual Report 2021-2022

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A Message From Dr. LouAnn Woodward

If the last year could be summarized in one word, it would be resilience. The Medical Center weathered the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 yet we prevailed in taking care of our fellow Mississippians when they needed us most. We maintained and, in some cases, increased the number of applicants and students in our professional schools despite a pandemic. We accomplished impactful health care studies and received millions in grants and awards to further research of the diseases that affect our state. 

We marked new milestones in patient care. We completed a historic fundraising campaign, and we added to the body of knowledge about COVID-19’s impact on children and adults. 

All of this is the result of committed faculty and staff who meet challenges and exceed expectations. To do this level of groundbreaking work during the best of times is worthy of recognition, but to do this under the shadow of a pandemic is exceptional. 

We recognize our responsibility to create a healthier Mississippi, and as the state’s only academic medical center, we accept our mission as change makers. This duty is what drives our progress toward our goal. It is the three-part mission of education, health care and research that pushes us to adapt and to innovate so that we can build a stronger future for the Medical Center – and ultimately for the people who depend on us for their care. 

In our pursuit of excellence, we aim to improve the health and wellness of Mississippians while contributing to the advancement of health care globally. It is my honor to lead this institution at such a time as this, and I look forward to continued progress in the years ahead. 

LouAnn Woodward, M.D. 
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
University of Mississippi Medical Center