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This infographic shows highlights from an Emsi study entitled "The Economic Value of the University of Mississippi Medical Center." The content is an indication of the major economic impact that UMMC has on the state of Mississippi.


Numerical values presented on the image:

  • Every one dollar the state of Mississippi invests in UMMC leverages 17 dollars in economic impact
  • 1.7 billion-dollar budget, representing about 10 percent of Jackson-metro economy and two percent of state economy
  • 167 million dollars in state appropriations (9.8 percent of total budget)
  • 2.9 billion-dollar state economic impact annually
  • 10,000 employees, making it one of the state's largest employers
  • 864 licensed beds
  • Four Jackson-campus hospitals, and two community hospitals in Grenada and Holmes counties
  • 22,369 total jobs generated
  • 107.3 million dollars generated by research spending (fiscal year 2022)
  • 145 million dollars generated by student/visitor spending and construction annually
  • 134 million dollars generated in state/local taxes annually
  • 145 million dollars in federal taxes annually


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