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Annual Report 2021-2022

Annual Report 2021-2022

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2025 UMMC Strategic Plan

Graphic that says 2025 UMMC Strategic PlanUMMC 2025, the strategic plan for the University of Mississippi Medical Center, which provides a roadmap for future growth and development within our three mission areas of patient care, research and education in the health sciences, is now in the second year of a five-year plan. The plan has shifted from monitoring progress over a calendar year to a fiscal year that begins July 1. 

Overall progress will be measured on the accomplishment of specific annual goals, which are updated each year, and work steps. As a team, we will build upon UMMC’s foundation of excellence in education, patient care and research. The five strategies ground our work, and the second-year goals reflect an ambitious but achievable plan to drive us closer to our goal of becoming a nationally recognized academic medical center. 

1. Maximize value in quality of care

  • Create the Office of Operational Excellence 
  • Enhance inpatient care coordination 
  • Improve clinical care documentation 
  • Reduce direct cost of care through efficiency and effectiveness 

2. Drive strategic clinical growth

  • Improve ambulatory scheduling process
  • Improve ambulatory access 
  • Implement physician compensation plan 
  • Standardize advanced practice providers compensation plan 

3. Expand health care services statewide

  • Establish infrastructure for Epic Community Connect
  • Optimize strategic affiliations statewide
  • Grow primary care networks statewide
  • Increase physician outreach presence

4. Position academic programs for the next generation of learners

  • Establish an Academy for Excellence in Education
  • Establish an Office for Student Success
  • Establish an Office for Faculty Success
  • Initiate a visual identity project

5. Strengthen research programs

  • Establish external funding goals for School of Medicine clinical research faculty
  • Optimize translational research in focus areas
  • Assess institutional and departmental core facilities
  • Optimize clinical trial recruitment and revenue