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Research Service Center

The Research Service Center (RSC) trains and supports investigators from all partner institutions in key areas of research development and implementation, including ethics, regulatory management and compliance, and standardized research practices. Professionals in clinical and community engaged research ensure that investigators complete all regulatory training, meet regulatory requirements, and establish robust processes for participant recruitment and retention as well as best practices in data collection, monitoring, and reporting, and adherence to required guidelines.

The RSC works with investigators to develop complete and accurate budgets, establish service agreements, seek fair and compliant contracts, and implement timely and accurate invoicing for research procedures. The RSC also provides enhanced access to Clinical Research Coordinators and Community Research Coordinators. Additionally, it offers full service support for awardees of the Pilot Projects Program, including participants in components of the Professional Development Core: the Investigator Development Program, and the Community Engaged Research Institute. By lowering barriers to project development and implementation and promoting best practices in clinical, translational, and community engaged research, the RSC will support the expansion of ethical and well-managed obesity research projects, and contribute to increased research funding at the CCTR partner institutions.

RSC leadership

jones, alan-suit.jpg

Alan E. Jones, MD, FACEP, Research Service Center Core Leader

Dr. Jones is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs.

  • Deepti Patki, MS, Clinical Research Navigator: Ms. Patki is a lead clinical research navigator in the Department of Emergency Medicine.
  • Patrick Hopkins, MD, Ethics Advisor and Collaborator: Dr. Hopkins is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Millsaps College and a member of the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities at UMMC.

RSC faculty and staff

  • Alan E. Jones, MD, FACEP
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Kia Jones
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Patrick Hopkins, PhD
    Professor and Chairman
    Department of Philosophy
    Millsaps College
  • Deepti Patki, MS
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Andrea Williams
    Administrative Assistant
    University of Mississippi Medical Center