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Pilot Projects Program

The MCCTR Pilot Projects Program supports clinical, translational and population-based research projects on all major diseases that impact Mississipians and that can become the basis for competitive extramural funding applications. The program is designed to promote multi-institutional and multi-diExternal-Funding-Graph1.jpgsciplinary collaboration, and to ensure equitable and productive distribution of research support across the CCTR partner institutions - the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Tougaloo College and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Pilot project funding is available to participants in the Pilot Project Program, the Investigator Development Program and the CCTR Community Engaged Research Institute (CEnR). For more information, see Funding Opportunities or contact MCCTR@umc.edu.

As shown in the graph, the recipients of MCCTR pilot project funding have gone on to successfully compete for externally-funded grants. During Year 2 of the program, they secured $65,386 in grants; in Year 3, this number increased to $1,047,422. In Year 4, they more than tripled Year 3’s figure to $3,304,942.

Leadership and faculty

Celso Gomez-SanchezCelso E. Gomez-Sanchez, MD
Pilot Projects Program Core Leader, MCCTR
Professor of Medicine
University of Mississippi Medical Center