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The Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research's (MCCTR) Administrative Core provides equipment support, free of charge, to MCCTR-affiliated researchers and the general research communities on the campuses of our three partner institutions through the Equipment Support Sub-Core. Individuals who wish to use MCCTR equipment must have institutional approvals (IRB, IACUC, etc.) and complete the RedCap survey below. Support is subject to equipment availability. Priority will be given to MCCTR-affiliated researchers. A list of MCCTR equipment is provided below.

Please note that MCCTR equipment can only be used on approved research projects and that no income may be generated from its use (fees for service, usage or billing charges, etc.).

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Available equipment

Seritex Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Calipers

The Holtain-Kahn Abdominal Caliper Extra Long has been developed to aid the prediction of cardiac risk by measuring sagittal abdominal diameter in supine subjects. This caliper makes a direct reading of the distance between the subject's back and the front of the subject's abdomen, and should be used on subjects with larger diameters.

The sagittal abdominal diameter has been shown to be highly correlated with the volume of visceral fat.

Extra-long 50cm caliper:

  • Measuring range - inches: up to 19.69 in
  • Measuring range - millimeters: up to 500 mm

36cm caliper:

  • Measuring range - inches: up to 14.17 in
  • Measuring range - millimeters: up to 360 mm 

Spacelabs Healthcare OnTrak ABPM

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is a non-invasive method of obtaining blood pressure readings over a 24-hour period, whilst the patient is in their own environment, representing a true reflection of their blood pressure.

Spacelabs OnTrak Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor has been comprehensively tested and validated against all three of the recognized international protocols, to give you reassurance and confidence when assessing a patient’s hypertension. When combined with Spacelabs’ Sentinel Cardiology Information Management system, OnTrak provides a scalable solution for all your hypertension analysis and review needs.

The 90217A Ultralite Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is compact and lightweight to optimize patient comfort – a key factor in successful Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring. The Ultralite monitor weighs only 9 oz, including 3 AA batteries, and fits easily in a shirt pocket. A choice of 5 cuff sizes further aids comfort while also maximizing accuracy.

Actigraph wGT3X-BT Accelerometers

The wGT3X-BT is ActiGraph’s flagship activity monitor captures and records continuous high resolution physical activity and sleep/wake information. The Bluetooth® Smart wGT3X-BT features ActiGraph’s validated 3-axis accelerometer and digital filtering technology and includes integrated wear time and ambient light sensors.

The high resolution raw acceleration data can be converted into a variety of objective activity and sleep measures using publicly available algorithms developed and validated by members of the academic research community. Available measures include:

  • Raw acceleration (G’s)
  • Activity counts
  • Energy expenditure
  • MET rates
  • Steps taken
  • Physical activity intensity
  • Activity bouts
  • Sedentary bouts
  • Body position
  • Sleep latency
  • Total sleep time
  • Wake after sleep onset
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Ambient light


Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA/DEXA) is a means of measuring bone mineral density (BMD) and soft tissue composition. This noninvasive medical test allows researchers to complete whole-body scans and subsequently complete analyses of these scans for research purposes. DXA scanning is today's established standard for measuring bone mineral density (BMD).

Intuitive design, innovative tools and a comprehensive platform are features fully incorporated into the Horizon DXA systems. The systems are easy to use, featuring a graphical user interface that streamlines the exam process from start to finish. Each system also incorporates a wealth of innovative tools to improve workflow, accelerate productivity and simplify communication and collaboration with other clinicians.

Features of the Horizon DXA system include: Single energy (SE) femur exam, High Definition Instant Vertebral Fracture Assessment (IVA-HD) imaging tool, Abdominal aortic calcification, Advanced Body Composition assessment with InnerCore visceral fat assessment, FRAX* 10-year fracture risk assessment, and Reporting solutions.  (Quantity Available: 1)  Contact Dr. Candace Howard for further assistance.

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