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About Us

CIDA Mississippi Horizons Project is a $6 million federal grant that expands drug and alcohol addiction services statewide to directly help those fighting increasingly deadly substance abuse. Currently, available services include Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) delivered through TeleMAT and funding support to help non-insured patients receive their MAT medications. Additionally, the grant has residential substance abuse treatment scholarships available. Coming soon there will be a web-based resource that provides real-time information on bed availability at treatment facilities, consultation assistance to community emergency departments, and educational offerings for the public.

CIDA Mississippi Horizons grant is an ambitious, multi-faceted approach to addressing the crisis of substance use disorders in Mississippi. A Congressional Directive Funding appropriation in the FY 2022 Federal Budget awarded CIDA this opportunity through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Mission and Vision

Consistent with CIDA’s tripartite mission we are undertaking the Horizons project in close collaboration with community partners to promote and expand the health of Mississippi citizens through clinical care, education, and research.

Clinical Goals

Currently available: Using TeleMAT, we are making Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders available statewide to those who lack the means to access care through other means. To request help or make a referral, click here.

Planned: Using mental health Nurse Practitioners and Peer Support Specialists, we will provide virtual consultation to individuals in community Emergency Departments who could benefit from substance use disorder education or treatment. This will be available during night-time hours seven days a week.

In collaboration with Find Help Now Kentucky, we are establishing Find Help Now Mississippi, which will be a public-facing registry of substance use disorder treatment with real time slot availability information. 

Educational Activities and Research Partnerships

CIDA’s Academy of Addiction Training is collaborating with community partners and stakeholders to develop, sponsor, and/or support educational events of materials for medical providers of substance use disorder treatment, treatment program clinicians, and consumers, family, and friends.

Implementation Science – Meagen Rosenthal, Ph.D., William Magee Institute, University of Mississippi, is an Implementation scientist who is guiding us in how best to roll out our grant’s service.

Evaluation Science – The Center for Research Evaluation at the University of Mississippi is developing and implementing metrics that will help us determine what works and how well.

Health Care Economics – Will Davis, Ph.D. and Devon Mills, Ph.D. at Mississippi State University are Health Care Economists who will help us better understand how cost effective the grant’s activities are.