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The Center for Innovation and Discovery in Addictions (CIDA), part of UMMC’s Neuro Institute, is dedicated to understanding, discovering, implementing, and disseminating innovative treatments for people confronting substance use disorders.  

The CIDA embraces the tripartite mission of research, education, and health care with contributions from researchers, clinicians, and educators. The Departments of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, as well as the Center for Telehealth all participate in CIDA. 

Our overarching goal is translational research and medicine—taking a new molecule, therapy, and/or program from the experimental stages to the clinic and ultimately to the community. To accomplish this objective, the CIDA comprises six Innovation and Discovery Sections (IDSs): 

  • Target Identification 
  • Preclinical Research 
  • Addictions Clinic 
  • Addictions Education 
  • Institutional Initiatives 
  • Community Engagement 

Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to provide excellence in research, education, and clinical care focused on understanding and treating substance use disorders while emphasizing innovation and discovery.  

Our guiding principle is the translational approach: moving treatments from bench to bedside to community and back, resulting in novel medications, therapies, and treatment delivery systems. We capitalize on our unique position as Mississippi’s only academic medical center to realize this mission. 

Our vision is to provide the leadership, innovation, and discovery in research, education, and health care necessary to address the full impact of substance use disorders on individuals and communities. We believe breaking the barriers to prevention, treatment, and recovery experienced in Mississippi can help not only our citizens, but also the rest of the world.