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Telehealth for Schools

Keep students and employees healthy and focused on learning with convenient, on-campus medical care.

Virtual School Clinics for K-12

For K-12 schools, UMMC Telehealth can support on-site school nurses or work as a virtual school clinic through online video appointments. Students miss less class time and can return to their studies more quickly.

Minor Medical Care and Specialty Care for Colleges and Universities

For colleges and universities, UMMC Telehealth offers a way to give students quality care while controlling costs. Students can receive urgent care through on-campus computers, making it easy for them to seek treatment for minor illnesses. Schools can also offer access to specialty services such as mental health care and chronic disease management.

Telehealth is good for students.

With UMMC Telehealth, you can provide students:

  • An easy way to seek care sooner, so they get well faster.
  • Expert medical care backed by an academic medical center.
  • A reliable source of health care answers and health education.
  • An effective way to help minimize expensive copays and urgent care visits.
  • Remote patient monitoring services integrated into their daily lives.

UMMC Telehealth is good for schools.

UMMC Telehealth helps schools support their students and control health care costs, with benefits that include:

  • The ability to supplement existing health services without increasing personnel or infrastructure.
  • An affordable way to meet the health care needs of tech-savvy students.
  • Improved student morale and engagement by offering a valued benefit that shows students you care about their health.

Faculty and staff deserve convenient, on-campus health care, too.

With UMMC Telehealth for Business, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities can offer faculty and staff access to trusted health care, wellness, and remote patient monitoring programs at home, on campus, or wherever they are.

To learn how UMMC Telehealth for Schools can help your organization, email us at or call (601) 815-2020.