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The UMMC Difference

Being the state's only academic medical center allows us to offer patients a combination of leading-edge medical treatment and compassionate personalized care.

We provide:

Advanced care

UMMC provides Mississippians with an advanced level of care unavailable anywhere else in the state.

We offer Mississippi's only:

Multidisciplinary care

At UMMC, we know that illness affects the whole patient, not just the area where the condition is located. We know an effective treatment plan must also take into account the patient's overall health and lifestyle. So for each patient, we bring in a team of specialists to combine their expertise. Together, they create an individual treatment plan that coordinates all aspects of care for the best possible outcome. We are able to offer this level of attention because of the breadth and depth of specialty care we provide.

Patient-centered care

Our staff is committed to providing relationship-based care for our patients and their families. Each and every member of our medical team shares the goal of consistent, exceptional treatment for those who walk through our clinic and hospital doors.

We value and provide patient- and family-centered care, clinical excellence, healthy caregiver/patient relationships, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our commitment to care applies to patients of all ages, in any UMMC health care setting.

  • Patients are active participants in their own care, and each receives services designed to focus on individual needs as well as advice and counsel from our health professionals. We involve family members—those who have significance in the patient's life—at a level of the patient's choosing.
  • Patient Rights
  • Patient Responsibilities
  • The Patient Experience

Convenient care

Through our hospitals and clinics, we pursue a goal to bring care to more Mississippians throughout the state, to bring care closer to where Mississippians live and work.
  • UMMC Telehealth delivers care remotely in more than 200 locations across the state.
  • We also offer MyChart, a simple way for patients and families to manage their care through the internet, from any computer or mobile device. Sign up for MyChart today.