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2022 Program Summary

Below is a graph demonstrating knowledge gained by learners in the 2022 Cohort of Champions by program topic. The top three topics in which learners have increased their knowledge include: Imposter Syndrome (88%), LGBTQ Issues (73%), and Change Management (71%).


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Personal testimonials

  • "After completing the Diversity and Inclusion Champion Professional Development and Certificate Program, I realize that my knowledge of bias only brushed the surface. This program has been enlightening and I am more aware of D&I best practices."
  • "I have broadened my knowledge base in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and affirmed my commitment to become an instrument of change in my department."
  • "Highly meaningful educational experience. A must for all current and aspiring leaders."
  • "This course was very beneficial to my understanding and growth in relationships, bias, world views, inclusivity, vision, and organizational change. I enjoyed each module and feel as though within each, I found something that I could apply in life."
  • "A pleasure to be a member of UMMC DI Champion Professional Development. As a lifelong leaner with over 35 years of professional experience in my field, I found the program to be insightful and I feel much more knowledgeable in the subject matter."
  • "This program should be taught to all who work at UMMC. The scope of information provided will allow me to be a better employee, community member, husband, and father. Thank you, DEI, for providing such an opportunity."
  • "This is an immersive program that allows participants to be active in their own learning, reflective of their own biases, and agents of change within the organization."