Diversity and Inclusion at UMMC

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Promoting Excellence In Research

Renowned scientists at our Medical Center remain steadfast in accelerating our research mission. Our partnerships with institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and translational research centers in the region offer unique opportunities for scientific discovery and impactful outcomes in diagnosing and treating disease. Diversity and inclusion in research is immensely important as it is our goal to effectively treat patients and improve health outcomes.

Among our institutional goals is to “advance our knowledge by leveraging the state's diverse patient population by expanding trials and fully leveraging our Telehealth network into a variety of community and rural settings, and ensuring all communities benefit from our research mission.”

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion recognizes its role in developing culturally competent researchers and study investigators to build upon the institution's clinical trial recruitment strategy for better understanding how factors such as gender, ethnicity, genetic information, and lifestyle choices impede positive health outcomes. In addition, our office will partner with other entities to engage communities with large portions of minorities and diverse populations as these groups are historically underrepresented in clinical trials.

Major research initiatives

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