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Health Care Disparities Council

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Health Care Disparities Council

health-care-disparities-logo.jpgGoals and objectives

  • To determine, monitor, and report potential threats in which health care disparities may exist across the institution.
  • To offer technical assistance to constituents, departments and clinical units for quality improvement.
  • To enhance communication and support continuing education efforts for health professionals, faculty, staff and community members.
  • To provide appropriate and relevant training and development opportunities to council members.


hcdc-current-initiatives.jpgFor 2016 -2017, the Health Care Disparities Council:

  • Successfully adopted new bylaws and several measurable goals;
  • Is working collaboratively with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer and the Office of Performance Improvement to support quality improvement current on-going strategies;
  • Is designing enhanced educational curricula and clinical skills training for leaners with emphasis on addressing behavioral, social and environmental determinants of health;
  • Will participate in an intense train-the-trainer program to deliver training on Unconscious Bias throughout the Medical Center.