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Everyday Wellness

UMMC Everyday Wellness, a program for UMMC employees, promotes awareness and education, provides motivation for positive behavior changes, and influences campus practices and policy to support a healthy environment.


The University of Mississippi Medical Center's wellness mission is to foster a culture of health among employees.

Girl examines fresh vegetables at an outdoor farmers market.Goals

  • Achieve a culture at UMMC that explicitly values health and wellness as a central part of the institutional mission.
  • Create a physical and cultural environment at UMMC that promotes healthy lifestyles.
  • Increase morale and productivity of employees and students.
  • Improve health status of employees and students.
  • Increase utilization of preventive health services by employees, learners, and family members of employees and learners.
  • Convey the importance of health and wellness to learners who will then spread the commitment to prevention across the state when they graduate.

Target areas

  • Physical Health and Fitness promotes healthy lifestyles, including nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation, etc.
  • Emotional/Mental Wellness¬†supports mental health, including stress reduction, substance abuse prevention, and education about availability of resources for mental health screening and treatment.
  • Social Wellness focuses on positive relationships and social connectedness both within and outside the workplace.
  • Intellectual/Professional Wellness¬†identifiies and facilitates opportunities for increasing knowledge, skills and career development.
  • Financial Wellness¬†enhances the ability of employees, learners, and their family members to effectively manage their finances, including debt, retirement planning and benefits utilization.

Within each of these target areas are methods/approaches that will be utilized to meet the goals of each area, including:

  • Information
  • Motivation
  • Environment
  • Assessment