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The Office of Well-being opened in July 2018 to create a UMMC community where all members feel valued and experience well-being. The office was built on the foundation laid by Everyday Wellness, the UMMC workplace wellness program that has been operational since 2016. Everyday Wellness is the health promotion arm of the office, with programming focused on promoting health lifestyles in addition to spiritual, financial, emotional, and professional wellness. Everyday Wellness continues to grow and is integral to the work of the office.

The office was born out of a desire to address the issue of burnout and professional well-being among clinical faculty and staff, a topic that has gained much attention nationally in recent years. Survey assessments conducted among members of the UMMC community have identified rates of burnout and related distress that are similar to those reported in other health centers across the United States.

In addition to the health promotion programming provided through Everyday Wellness, the Office works to create strategic coalitions within the Medical Center to address high priority systems issues that cause distress among members of our community. This process involves identifying key concerns via surveys, focus groups, and/or discussions with both leaders and frontline staff, identifying key stakeholders, and facilitating the creation of a work group to address the identified need.

This process has led to the creation of our Resilience in Stressful Events (RISE) program, and an ongoing effort focused on improving awareness and procedures for dealing with potential or actual workplace violence.